The Initiative

We envision an economy where dramatic advances in automation and computation go hand in hand with improved opportunities and economic security for workers. Growing out of MIT's Work of the Future Task Force (2018-2020), the Work of the Future Initiative at the Industrial Performance Center conducts multidisciplinary research on the ways technology is changing work. 

Generative AI Working Group

MIT’s Work of the Future Initiative is convening a multidisciplinary working group of industry, policy, and academic leaders to examine how the design and implementation of generative AI tools can contribute to higher-quality jobs and inclusive access to the latest technologies.

Automation Clinic

The Automation Clinic is an applied research and education program to understand how organizations make new technologies work in practice. MIT researchers and their partners work with organizations to learn the problems they aim to solve with automation, the challenges they face in deploying them, and the consequences for workers, customers, and society.

Factories on the Frontier