Book | January 22, 2019

Made by Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the world’s great manufacturing societies, now faces major challenges and competition from developing countries building middle-tech industries and offering low-wage labor. Confronting the challenges that Hong Kong will face in the next decade, Made By Hong Kong focuses on the role of manufacturing in the development of the Hong Kong economy and analyzes alternative strategies and new directions for industrial growth. It shows how economic abilities, employment and social well-being can be maintained even as many of society’s production activities move outside the domestic territory.

The authors suggest ways to develop while maintaining and enhancing production activities. They examine the role of biotechnology and information technology by bringing in international experts in these fields from the MIT research community and provide recommendations for government, industry, and academia.

Based on the results of a major year-long study, Made By Hong Kong analyzes the resources and handicaps of a significant set of Hong Kong industries as they attempt to utilize a diverse and strong set of new assets such as new technologies and a new proximity to China.