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Timothy J. Sturgeon, Senior Researcher, IPC
timothy sturgeon

Timothy J. Sturgeon came to MIT from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was a Research Specialist at the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy for five years while earning his PhD in Economic Geography. He is co-organizer of the Global Value Chains Initiative and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Technology, Enterprise, and Competitiveness at the Doshisha Management School in Kyoto, Japan. Dr. Sturgeon has also been a Research Associate at MIT, and has served as Executive Director of the IPC's Globalization Study and the Globalization Research Director for the International Motor Vehicle Program at the Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development.

Dr. Sturgeon's research focuses on the process of global integration, with an emphasis on offshoring and outsourcing practices in the electronics and automotive industries. He is interested in both the distinctive and common aspects of industries and places, and the implications of these for economic performance, employment, technological learning, and industrial upgrading. He has made significant contributions to Global Value Chain (GVC) theory, and is working to improve the metrics and methods available for globalization research.