Some 2000 visits to firms on every continent by IPC researchers constitute an extraordinary record of the changing face of industry.

Related Industry Study Centers

The Wharton Financial Institutions Center
University of Pennsylvania

The Global Airline Industry Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Information Storage Industry Center
University of California, San Diego

Competitive Semiconductor Manufacturing Program
University of California, Berkeley

The Food Industry Center
University of Minnesota

The Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research
Harvard University

Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Center for Industry Studies
(formerly The Steel Industry Center)
The University of Pittsburgh

Metal Processing Institute
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Center for Construction Industry Studies
University of Texas at Austin

Columbia Institute for Tele-Information
Columbia Business School

Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies
Institute of Paper Science and Technology At Georgia Institute of Technology

Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center
Carnegie Mellon University

The Cross-Media Innovation Center (CMIC)
(formerly the Printing Industry Center)
Rochester Institute of Technology

Personal Computing Industry Center
University of California, Irvine

Legal and Professional Services Industry Center
Harvard Law School

Center for A Sustainable Aluminum Industry
The University of Kentucky

Sloan Travel & Tourism Industry Center
University of South Carolina

Center for Forest Products Business
(Formerly the Forest Industries Center at Virginia Tech)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Other Research Organizations

MIT International Science and Technology Initiative
China Program

Sociological-Research-Institute at the University of Goettingen (SOFI)

Sente, Research Unit for Urban and Regional Development Studies
University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland

Helsinki University of Technology
Helsinki, Finland

Center for Business Research
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England

International Research Institute of Stavanger
(formerly Rogaland Research Institute)

Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland

The Cambridge-MIT Institute

The Research Council of Norway

National Science Foundation