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2016 IPC Fall Seminar Series:

  • "Beyond “Catch-up”: Learning & Economic Development in Health, Agriculture, and Manufacturing" by Dr. Smita Srinivas, Head of the School of Economic Development at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)




Professor Richard Lester and Professor David Hart (GMU) will be the featured speakers, along with a panel of experts, at a policy discussion in Washington, DC on Tuesday, February 7. Jointly hosted by the MIT Industrial Performance Center and the Bipartisan Policy Center, and moderated by David Garman, former Under Secretary of Energy, U.S. DOE, this event will continue the conversation of key areas presented in Lester's and Hart's recently published book, Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System. The discussion will explore how we can speed up the introductions of new technologies and business models and accelrate their deployment on a massive scale, and highlight ways to advance innovative technologies amidst challenging fiscal and political times. For more information or to request an invitation, contact ipcadmin@mit.edu.



Professor Richard Lester will discuss three waves of unlocking energy innovation as presented in his, and Professor David Hart's, new book (see right ): energy efficiency, low-carbon energy supply, and new scientific breakthroughs. The talk is on Monday, November 14 at 5:00 p.m. in Building 66, Room 110. Click here for more information.


Professor Richard Lester and Professor David Hart (GMU) will discuss their soon-to-be-published book titled Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System at MIT, November 10. The authors' research suggests that energy innovation offers our best chance to solve the three urgent and interrelated problems of climate change, worldwide insecurity over energy supplies, and rapidly growing energy demand. A panel of industry and policy thought leaders will also participate .For more information contact ipcadmin@mit.edu.

2011 Spring Seminar Series

During the spring semester, the Industrial Performance Center sponsors a seminar series which serves as a thesis workshop for the center's IPC affiliated students, and that also attracts students from elsewhere at MIT who are engaged in research on topics related to the center's research themes. The students present and discuss their work in progress, discuss and compare research methodologies, and evaluate recent research contributions in the field.

Doctoral and masters students participating in the seminar this semester are drawn from many departments, including the Department of Economics, Engineering Systems Division, Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, and the Sloan School of Management.

Please note the '11 Spring Seminar schedule:

March 3
Gustavo Setrini, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Political Science
"Clientelism in the Age of Globalization: from Patron-Client to
Supplier-Client Relations in Paraguay's Sugar Industry"

March 10
Phech Colatat, Ph.D. Candidate
Sloan School of Management
"The Role of Communities in Scientific and Technological Innovation: Some Early Findings from Study of DARPA"

April 21
Ashley Finan, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
"U.S. Nuclear Energy Innovation Policy: Lessons from the Past" (working title)

May 5
Florian Metzler, Master's Candidate
Technology and Policy Program
"Nuclear Energy Industry in China" (working title)

May 19
Rachna Pande, Master's Candidate
Technology and Policy Program
"Factors influencing globalization of Biomanufacturing" (working title)

Attendance by non-IPC affiliated students is by invitation only. Send inquiries to ipc@mit.edu.


IPC hosts Industry Studies Annual Conference — 2008. More than 350 industry studies researchers from around the world gather in Boston for the event.

IPC researcher Liz Reynolds hosts roundtable for 10 local biotechnology firms to discuss location strategies for biomanufacturing.


IPC hosts Sloan Industry Studies Annual Conference – 2007. 300 industry studies researchers from around the world gather in Cambridge for the event.


Local Innovation Systems project featured at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Conference, on National Public Radio, and in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

JETRO President Hiroshi Tsukamoto speaks on "Japan's regained R&D competitiveness" at IPC seminar.

Members of the Local Innovation Systems Project team participate in symposium on innovation and entrepreneurship at New Jersey Institute of Technlogy.


IPC hosts First International Conference on Local Innovation Systems, "Universities, Innovation, and the Competitiveness of Local Economies."

IPC hosts Sloan Industry Studies Annual Conference 200.

Richard Lester, Carlos Martinez, Smita Srinivas, Sean Safford, and other members of the LIS team present findings from first phase of Local Innovation Systems Project at Tekes-sponsored conference in Helsinki, Finland.


IPC presents Special Seminar Series on "Technology, the Economy, and the American Elections" this Fall.

IPC Senior Research Affiliate Tim Sturgeon co-chairs Sloan Industry Studies Workshop on Globalization, Employment, and Economic Development.

MIT's China Energy Study Group launches new seminar series at the IPC.

Prof. Michael Piore chairs a seminar on "Work Inspection and Labor Market Regulation" at the IPC in January. Participants in the seminar, jointly sponsored by the Sloan School, include scholars, labor ministers and other senior officials from several countries in Latin America and Europe.