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In April 2018, Elisabeth Reynolds participated in a panel at the Harvard & MIT Brazil Conference. The panel "Eureka" discussed how to make Brazil more innovative and competitive. Note that the panel video is in Portuguese.

Elisabeth Reynolds, Executive Director of the IPC, will co-lead a new initiative at MIT on the Work of the Future, an Institute-wide effort to understand and shape the evolution of jobs during an age of innovation.


An article in the New York Times, discusses how as the economy has changed, so too have the relationships between places, to the disadvantage of smaller cities and rural areas. The IPC's Timothy Sturgeon participated in the discussion.


IPC Executive Director, Elisabeth Reynolds, Associate Provost Karen Gleason, and other speakers participated at the MIT China Conference held in Yangpu District, Shanghai. Conversation centered around innovation as well as collaboration between local companies and MIT.

IPC participated in A Call to Action Panel at the November 1st & 2nd MIT conference: AI and the Future of Work.

Dr. Reynolds had a conversation with WBUR's Deborah Becker on How to Revive Manufacturing in Massachusetts.

IPC Executive Director Elisabeth Reynolds published an Op-Ed in The Boston Globe entitled The New Face of Manufacturing Jobs. In it she points to new investments in Massachusetts in several industries (electronics, biopharmaceuticals and clean energy) that show one path forward for jobs in the face of technological changes wrought by automation and artificial intelligence.